Campaign Overview

We are running the Tyranny of Dragons campaign produced by WotC. The campaign is set within The Forgotten Realms which is a rich and storied world. Still the characters each may alter the world greatly through their actions, and overtime our Faerun should differ dramatically from the book series and published adventures.

Campaign Concepts

Primarily the campaign will be designed for newer roll players, and with a much different focus than earlier games I have hosted. Of course if you have played in those games you are welcome to join, but be aware of the two guiding concepts KISS and Less is More. We will be doing away with many character options from 3.5 and Pathfinder, but our system of Escalation allows new options to be created by players when their characters fall valiantly. As the story advances story specific options will be available. The aim is not to arbitrarily limit creativity, but to enhance working with what is available. Some of the other major campaign concepts include: Episodic Leveling, Non-Monetary Rewards, Standard Stat Block, Guided NPCs, Down Time and Time Lapse.

Basic Rules

Perhaps the defining concept initially will be the reduced emphasis on specific rules and abilities. The new D&D Basic Rules provide a grand opportunity to do just that. The new system will be our basis for play, but can be built upon with Escalation. Please give the PDF a read sometime soon. There is no need to purchase a PHB, starting characters and players will be limited to the options available in the PDF either way. If you were in our starting group and have used options for your character from the PHB not available you may continue with them.

Tyranny of Dragons

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