Dragon Kick

Whenever a character that has the Dragon Kick Character Feature uses their action to Dash they may use their Bonus Action to perform an Unarmed Strike. The Unarmed Strike is treated as one Dice Category higher than normal. Additionally while performing this action the Monk need not make a Strength (Athletics) check to use the Long Jump as the final portion of their movement.

Dice Category d4, d6, d8, d10, d12

Long Jump distance of a long jump is equal to the character’s Str Score after at least 10 ft of movement. In this instance a character moves twice their movement minus their Str Score on the ground before moving their Str Score in feet in the air.


Upon attaining 2nd Level any monk from the Temple of the Lost Peaks may choose to add the Flying Dragon Kick to their list of Ki Techniques in place of one of the other three techniques (Flurry of Blows, Step of the Wind or Patient Defense).

Dragon Kick

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