One of the major ways that players affect the world is through the concept of an evolving and growing set of options for new players. At times players will have the opportunity to select a new option for character generation. These options will generally be more powerful than those afforded by Non-Monetary Rewards.

A character can always add new options for future characters whenever:

  • A printed adventure in the Tyranny of Dragons campaign is completed, and they played in most of the sessions.
  • One of their characters dies (somewhat meaningfully)
  • One of their characters makes meaningful and significant first contact with a monstrous race that results in a peaceful agreement (this option should be story specific)
  • One of their characters creates something meaningful and durable (whether a castle, or magical item, or a town)

When a player gets the opportunity to add character options they may choose any one of the following:

  • A Players Handbook Race unavailable in the PDF
  • A Players Handbook Class unavailable in the PDF (when so done the player chooses one class pathway to unlock)
  • A Players Handbook Background unavailable in the PDF
  • A new character designed Background otherwise unavailable
  • A monstrous race otherwise unavailable (this should be story specific to an encounter the player was involved in).

Alternatively the player may chose an option to unlock which will be available during character advancement

  • The optional Feats Rules and all of the Feats in the PHB
  • Options for multiclassing
  • A Players Handbook Sub-Class unavailable in the PDF
  • A new spell unavailable in the PHB of a level and type one of their characters could cast.


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