Greenest in Flames

Greenest is being attacked by a dragon!!
Come to the session to find out how it all ends for the peaceful town.

Short Rest

PCs currently taking a short rest can undertake some minor actions such as local looting (see below) or making Intelligence (medicine) checks to aid allies or villagers.

Loot so Far:

Characters can loot corpses that are near the gate or that made it over the walls during their short rest.
Players are able to gather up enough shotbow arrows to fill their party’s quivers, and grab a spear off a kobold corpse. Additionally each character that takes this action can roll once on the following table:

D6 roll Loot
1 A strange Holy Symbol
2 A Short Sword
3 Medium Scale Mail
4 Small Leather Armor
5 Shield
6 A Shortbow

Non-Monetary Rewards

At the end of the episode each character gains one of the Character Features made available based on their level of success with secondary objectives

Villagers Rescued Character Feature
1-10 villagers A Boon in Greenest
11-20 villagers Contact in Greenest
21-30 villagers Search and Rescue Specialist
31-40 villagers An Agent in Greenest
41-50 villagers A Reputation in Greenest
Over 50 villagers Hero of Greenest

Champion of Greenest

Greenest in Flames

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